Super Seminars

What kind of training do teachers need?

They need the basics -- lesson preparation, how to lead a child to Christ, discipline in the classroom. They also need ongoing training and resources so they can continue to grow and develop as teachers.

Super Seminars for teacher training are effective and painless! These lessons are tailor-made for your church's children's workers and cover subjects from evangelism to classroom management to discipleship to missions. There are twenty-six topics and each session lasts 40-50 minutes and all the materials are supplied by CEF. Each lesson reflects the high standard of Christian education that Child Evangelism Fellowship is known for.

Seminar topics include:


  • The Final Authority (Why Evangelize Children?)
  • 1,2,3 Jesus Loves Me (Helping Children Understand the Message of Salvation)
  • Guiding the Child to the Savior(Counseling the Unsaved Child for Salvation)
  • Inside-Outside (Ministering to Children Through the Local Church)

Child Study

  • Teachers That Touch Lives (A Look at the Teacher)
  • Packed With a Punch (Making Your Bible Story Live
  • Life-changing Bible Lessons (Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation)
  • Drawing in the Net (The Salvation Invitation)


  • Foundation for Life (Bible Verses - More than Memorizing)
  • I Will Sing a New Song (Singing - Music With a Message)
  • Around the Corner - Around the World (Missions - Bringing the World to Your Class)
  • Managing Your Classroom (Dynamics of Discipline)


  • Basic Steps to Maturity (Teaching New Christians)
  • Gourmet Food for the Soul (Growing Through God's Word)
  • Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving (Learning to Pray)
  • A Living Sacrifice (Consecration - My Life Set Apart for God)